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About Us

We, Perusahaan Perkayuan Wan Feng Sdn. Bhd., company number 135120-V, registered under Companies Act, 1965 on February 11, 1985 at 300-B, Taman Melaka Raya, 75000 Melaka. The principle activities of the company are consist of manufacturing and trading in wood based products and timber processing located at Lot 2457, Jalan Jementah, Batu Anam,85100 Segamat, Johor.

The history of company was the main activities of the company started at 1985 was doing sawmilling at Terengganu and ceased the operation at 1997 during financial crisis. On 31st of March 2003, some directors and shareholders had resigned, remained the Company’s Chairman, Mr. Tan Eng Joo and the joined of Mr. Tan Kang Sai as Managing Director and Mr. Tan Kang Sen and Madam Wong Yap Moi as shareholders started manufacturing and trading in wood based products and timber processing business located at Lot 2457, Jalan Jementah, Batu Anam, 85100 Segamat, Johor.

The scope of activities under Perusahaan Perkayuan Wan Feng Sdn Bhd is purchase of logs and sawn timber from suppliers, trading and manufacture of finish products such as Fingerjoint Lamination Board including Door Frame, Fingerjoint S4S, E4E Wood, Solid Wood, Timber Planning, Moulded Timber and Pallet.

Directors and Shareholders Background

Mr. Tan Eng Joo, Chairman, a businessman was initiator and pioneer of the company started the sawmilling business at Terengganu since 1985. Mr. Tan Eng Joo, a businessman has more than 35 years working experience in timber and wood industry. He started his timber logging business at 1976 and followed by sawmilling at 1985 and after 2003 initiated and started the timbers’ down stream process as manufacturing wood based products like timber planning, moulding, and finger jointed products. Mr. Tan Eng Joo has passed away on March 6, 2012 and Mr. Tan Kang Sai has bought over his father shares and appointed Madam Loo Mei Kuan as new shareholder and Director.


Mr. Tan Kang Sai, Managing Director, graduated at Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, USA on May 1992 as Bachelor of Science, honor, Major at Chemical Engineering and Minorat Mathematics. Mr. Tan Kang Sai has more than 10 years working experience in manufacturing line, started as Production Engineer on June 2003 in palm oil refinery plant promoted to QA Manager and up to Factory Manager at medical rubber gloves manufacturing before resigned on April 2003 and joined, initiated, and formed the manufacturing process for the company on May 2003.Madam Loo Mei Kuan, Finance Director, has joined the company since August 2013.

Mission & Vision

Our Mission
Dedication of environmental friendly, benefits from the environment towards the sustainability for the future generation.

Our Vision
To supply and provide quality wood products to consumers for best value worth of money.

Our Facilities

Perusahaan Perkayuan Wan Feng Sdn. Bhd is stated at 2.83 hectares industrial land. Our manufacturing facilities consists of 5 blocks cover production floors with total estimated 130,000 square feet, 9 units of kiln dried chambers with the capacities of 900 tons per month output , 1 unit of 800 tons monthly capacities Molrup Pressurized Chemical Treated Plant (India Made), 8 units of 6 heads moulder (2 units German made, 3 units Taiwan Made, and 3 units China Made), 2 units of Taiwan made double sided moulder, 2 units double end turner (1 unit of Japan made and 1 unit from Italy), 2 sets of Mirai fully automated finger jointed lines, 1 unit Taiwan made 4 sided lamination board composer, 3 units of German made Optimizing Cross Cut, 1 set of sofa parts production line,  and 1 set of semi-automatic sawmill production line using USA made Woodmizer WM3500 and EG300 Edger able produce 600 m3/ month of sawn timbers for own consumption and export.

Our Products

We consider ourselves as mid stream timbers manufacturing and processing company; in which, our products are custom made timber planning, moulded, and finger jointed for sofa manufacturing exporters, furniture manufacturer exporters, doors manufacturers, carpentries, and interior renovators. Thus, our business scopes are very wide, where our customers could be any of manufacturers mentioned above. 

‫‫‫‫‫‫‫Our Markets

Our markets cover 60% oversea, like Singapore, Japan, Australia, Korea, Hong Kong and balance 40% for local listed export oriented furniture manufacturers (Lii Hen Group, Muar, Johor), and others. We are in the process to design, register, and manufacture our own products like Fire-rated doors, engineering doors for local and oversea markets. We also in the process to register our products with Trademark, Brand (Malaysia Brand), and ISO 9000:2012 Quality System in order to expand our businesses and secure our company future with own brand and products. We target our company to be listed in Malaysia’s Board of Listing by year 2025.


We obtain PEFE Certification 2002:2013 on February 2014 and in the process of documentation preparation for Fire Door Product Certification and ISO 9000:2012 Quality System Certification. We expect to complete this certification by end of December 2015.